Make Money ... NOW! by Giorgio Ricci

OVER 300 EURO IN ONE HOUR ... It is not impossible, indeed! Discovered and demonstrated the safe way to make money on the internet: make money online now with my mathematical and statistical method, an effective system of income that I have designed, tested and verified in person.

Are you looking for a supplementary income? I know how to help ...

My name is Giorgio Ricci, I am a retired computer engineer ... one of the pioneers of the Internet even if only now with the economic crisis and the free time I started to make use of certain knowledge ... such as how to exploit to my advantage the "bugs" (bugs) of some software on the network ... and earn lots of money! important figures, not dizzy but may need to live with the financial peace of mind that I have tried all my life!
I have developed a technique to gain safe and tested frequently and I use that is made ​​possible by the Internet and software faults that I know well.
With this income I paid off the old mortgage, I paid all installments of the car and I gave away thousands of € to my grandchildren ... you do not like to live better and with more money just like me?

Foolproof, tried for years ... to follow closely!

In many years of work I happened several times to take care of a particular type of software: that of online games. Did you know that every day millions of people around the world to connect online to play casino astonishing figures? Surely you know, because this has always been a very requested by visitors to the internet, but did you know that strict international standards also require the online casinos to provide their software in order to reduce their margins and to "force the machines "on certain behaviors statistical benefit of the players ...

which means?

that by following my advice carefully and thoroughly you can build your own daily returns up to 8-9000 € / month or more collections.

But beware! My technique is simple but must be followed scrupulously and carefully (should save your Favorites or print this page before you move on to "operative") and above all, should never be tested in real casinos, like Venice or San Remo ... you may be kicked out!
My make-up game, in fact, is strictly prohibited by all online casinos but you can use it as the large number of players at any given time you connect to the casinos on the internet discourages Case with carrying out a sweep check ...

Here's my method, read carefully ...

The technique is very simple, but does not tolerate mistakes will be made ​​based on simple bets on Roulette ... mind you: only and only because Roulette is a game that allows you to bet even money on a simple combination of minimum 50% probability: Red and Black (or odd / even, high and low ...).
For convenience, I personally prefer to bet on Red and Black combination but nothing prevents you from practicing this method on other simple combinations.
Using the software I downloaded from the network (you'll find some free at the bottom of the page) and with a minimum deposit into the coffers of the Casino (required only € 50) I begin my day this way: a first test ride "on empty "without betting anything, starts from the second round to play a chip on the opposite color to the winner of the first lap, so if I win the game a new chip on the opposite color to otherwise doubling your bet each spin until the win, after which it starts all over again. The output of the number 0 is considered as a winning player, then the opposite color, in the case of winning of 0, doubling your bet on the color that I'm playing.

Some practical example?

Here's a game-type (A):
I do a test load without pointing or aiming at anything on a chip and a red on black, in order to "reset" the risk. In case I have 20 chips.
Exit the Red. In this case I start to bet only 1 chip on Black.
Exit Nero. I made ​​a payout of two chips (with a balance of +1 from the start, now has 21 chips) and now it will aim at a Red.
Black comes out again, then doubling the previous episode and this time my game 2 more chips on red.
Black wins again, then doubled up my bet 4 chips on the Red ....
Exit the Red. Won 8 chips and realize a final gain of 2 because now I have 22 chips (20 +1 = 21 ... 14 ... 21-1-2-4 = 14 +8 = 22).

Another example (B):
I have 50 chips on opening. "Usual" test point 0 chips to determine the first color of "winning."
Exit Nero. He soon began to bet 1 coin on the Red course.
Vince Black, then doubling my two chips to bet on Red.
Exit the Red. I realize a payoff of 4 chips with a net gain of +1 on the previous games. Now develop a chip on Black.
Vince then doubling the Red on Black point two chips.
Again comes the Red, now doubling the bet on black plays 4 chips.
Another winning Red. I, cold and calculating, point 8 chips on black.
Continues to win the Red. I do not stop and point 16 on the chip always Black.
Vince Black. Built 32 tokens with a net gain of +1 on previous episodes, the No No 4 to 8. I start to play a chip on the Red .... and so on ... without end. In short: 50-1-2 +4 = 51 ... 51-1-2-4-8-16 +32 = 52!
In a few seconds (these steps are very fast game) I brought home two chips ... Within hours hundreds of realized gain of €!

Watch the video!

Here's how to earn € 6 in less than a minute ... What can you do in one hour? I'll tell you: MORE THAN 300 EURO EACH TIME ONLINE!

Apply the Method ... is the real key to success!

Take care! Online casinos want to guard against tricks and schemes like this but not there yet! Can do with a minimum error and trigger a series of software protection and control that would negate your attempts to gain ... that's why you need to carefully follow the method that I have just described, and possibly use it not with one but with more casinos on alternate days, so it does not always connect at the same avoiding the risk of being discovered!

Now start making money!

You are now ready to start right away? I selected four applications for you as many houses, which I personally experienced to be among the fastest and most secure, not least in payment, in up to three working days:

Download the free software: No Casino 1 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

Download the free software: No Casino 2 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

Download the free software: No Casino 3 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

Download the free software: No Casino 4 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

all 4 download free software: connect your PC to the Casino in real time over a secure connection. For installation follow the instructions on the download site.
Real Play and click on open account with your credentials 4. Use your real name and your real mail, or later it will be impossible to pay your winnings
deposit a sum into your casino account ... it will become your initial investment and will allow you to easily launch my online money making system. Strongly recommended deposit all four casinos, in order to allow rapid exchange of "table" when you divert the controls on the technique game used (see above)
Accept the free bonus offered by all four casinos to new customers. W ith this advertising tool (but made ​​of real money and gifts!) You will have the opportunity to double your investment at no cost. With more money in cash you can apply the method with more care, even from a small deposit!
Enter only in "Tables - Roulette" (single 0) and .... start earning! Follow the method and you'll grow your capital in just minutes!
Withdraw your winnings directly from the fund. You will be settled within three working days.

Download the free software: No Casino 1 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

Download the free software: No Casino 2 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

Download the free software: No Casino 3 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

Download the free software: No Casino 4 in Italian ( other languages ​​)

(Note: software absolutely free of viruses and available for Windows and mobile phones. For Mac OS and Linux operating systems using the Flash version or go to Page # 1 Flash and Flash Page # 2 ).

Thank you George for your advice but ... because it makes them public? What do we gain?

My method is getting result is true ... but do not you think that these days we should all give us a hand, if possible? As I said before, I'm an experienced veteran of the Internet. I've seen make the biggest fortunes thanks to the Net, even here in Italy and not always, unfortunately, with great transparency ... That's why I decided anyway to put online these few lines of economic aid that they can make as many happy people. In this work of spreading I will not gain anything, that's why I'd love to receive your free contribution to support this initiative. Many people thank me every day by e-mail, and this encourages me more and more to go ahead and devote my time to the method!

I await your own free voluntary donation that helps to maximize the dissemination of the method!

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